Heating / Cooling/ Geothermal

Geothermal Heatpumps have several benefits over the convention air to air heatpumps including a much lower operating cost, the length of life is typically 25 years, and they require very little in terms of maintenance.  These benefits plus many more have made geothermal heatpumps a preferred route for many individuals.   your paragraph here.

How does a Geothermal unit work?

All geothermal units require wells in order to access and pull ground water into the system. In heating mode a geothermal unit takes heat from the ground water is pulls.  As the system pulls the water thru the loop the heat is removed and is distributed thru a duct system.  In the cooling mode a geothermal unit takes the cool air off the water and distributes it thru the same via the duct system.   Type your paragraph here.